Adarsh Shikshan Mandal, Kalyan


AN ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED

To discover,shape renew or promote human wisdom,while at the same time respecting the integrity of disciplined scholarship.
A7-acre Sparawling Campus in picturesque surrounding provides a intellectual alterness and creativity motivates students to grow.
To seek to to accompany in faith the men and women moulded by the cultural forces inherent in the university as an institutions.





IDEAL College of pharmacy is the milestone of pharmacy education in the Kalyan area. The college is a centre of Excellence. We transform our students and create self disciplined, physically fit, mentally robust and morally strong phamacists with high degree of intigrity Who are also capable to meet challenges of every advancing technology in modern pharamaceutical and globalization who would make valuable contribution to society in health care profession.

As a member of health care team pharmacists are unique in their position with detailed and comprehensive undersyanding of all aspect of medication Most of our alumni are placed and working towards higher education,serving to pharmaceutical companies and as pharmacist. This stands a testimony to all our accomplishment.