Adarsh Shikshan Mandal, Kalyan


AN ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED

To discover,shape renew or promote human wisdom,while at the same time respecting the integrity of disciplined scholarship.
A7-acre Sparawling Campus in picturesque surrounding provides a intellectual alterness and creativity motivates students to grow.
To seek to to accompany in faith the men and women moulded by the cultural forces inherent in the university as an institutions.
The college provides a very high quality of curruculum with industry exposure to meet the emerging needs of present zeal prone world.






Books, journals & Encyclopedia Details


Books : 6234


Encyclopedia : 36


Journals : 10


The Library is well stocked with books of Teacher Education, Reference Book and encyclopedias. The Library is having subscription to many national and international magazines, periodicals and journals. Students are allowed to borrow two books at a time.
The digital library is under development.
A full-fledged library brimming with books awaits the bookworms and opens a new world of information and enlightenment.Its spacious, serene and comfy interous are a blessing to the students, who have the constraints of space at their homes. Separate reading rooms for girls and boys are maintained.
Library is open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on all working days during the exam period.


Rules regarding issuing and returning the books :-


  • The book issued the I.C. should be returned within seven days.

  • The issued on the L.C. should be returned before leaving the Library hall. Books lying on the table for long time will be taken away.

  • The students will have to compensate for books lost by him/her. If the books is not Available in the market. he/she will have to provide to the library, the student may not get the copy of his/her mark-sheet from the college.

  • If reading material is not returned to the library, the student may not get the copy of his/her mark sheet from the college.


Fine :-


  • A fine of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged if a book is not returned within a given time.

  • Students are advised to check the date of returning the book before leaving the counter.


No complaint will be entertained later.


Book Bank :-


The book bank is available for needy and deserving students of the college. Such students should refer to the library. Test-Books reference section for a detailed information.