Adarsh Shikshan Mandal, Kalyan


AN ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED

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To discover,shape renew or promote human wisdom,while at the same time respecting the integrity of disciplined scholarship.
A7-acre Sparawling Campus in picturesque surrounding provides a intellectual alterness and creativity motivates students to grow.
Ideal College of Education
To seek to to accompany in faith the men and women moulded by the cultural forces inherent in the university as an institutions.
The college provides a very high quality of curruculum with industry exposure to meet the emerging needs of present zeal prone world.


Welcome to Ideal College of Education


"WELCOME to the Ideal College of Education website. It has been designed to provide you with essential information about the College and the professional preparation process. The college has committed itself to maintaining national and international distinction through the preparation of leaders for education. Our faculty and staff take pride in the College, which is one of the oldest and largest in the metropolitan area. We are committed to offering a comprehensive range of high quality programs that embody excellence and innovation in education through teaching, research, and service efforts. The varied academic and life experiences of our faculty, students, and alumni create a dynamic community that inspires and motivates".


  • We will make learning and teaching our first priority.

  • We will respect people as individuals.

  • We will offer opportunities for all.

  • We will be excellent in all we do.

  • We will work in partnership both inside and outside the College.

  • We believe in ‘ethos into action’, ‘professional integrity’ and ‘transparency’.

  • We will ensure our learners can progress through gateways to their next destination.

  • We will underpin our work with selflessness and generosity.


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